About Us


What is 3 Step Fitness?


3 Step Fitness was formed in the DMV area by U.S. Army veteran and experienced fitness professional, Robert Wilson III. As a personal trainer, he envisioned an easier way to bring quality physical fitness programs to busy area residents.


Our Mission


We are passionate about improving the health of DMV residents. The company hopes to remove any possible barriers to getting started. Our unique individual approach is designed to ensure each person’s needs are met. No longer are people forced to go to a gym. We offer rapid customer engagement designed to produce health-focused results as soon as possible. 3 Step Fitness will work around busy schedules to provide on-demand and on-site services customized to your preferences.


Identify the problem

Create the Plan

Create a solution


3 Step Fitness provides a convenient and safe way to learn about physical fitness and nutrition on your terms. Our trained professionals are prepared to assist individuals and groups of all types to achieve individual goals.



Founder Robert Wilson