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Why 3 Step Fitness?


Healthy and happy employees make productive employees while reducing your bottom line and improving your corporate culture at the same time. Bottom line, we can help raise productivity, build team chemistry while lowering your health care costs. It's that simple. Why not start your steps today!

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See the ways we can help your business take the steps needed to a healthier company.

Organization Assessment

Employees will start with individual assessment that can range from height and weight readings to analyzing sugar and pH levels.

On-site Customization


We will customize a plan to optimize your on-site facilities. Whether its massage therapy at your desk, rooftop yoga, or lunch-and-learns in the conference room, we will make your space work for you!




Unique Approaches


With so much to learn about health and wellness, don’t limit yourself to what you already know. Expand your horizons to learn unique and different approaches to your desired level of success.

Our Services Include...

Group Exercise

Group Yoga

Wellness Seminars

Nutrition Counselling

Massage Therapy

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