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Why 3 Step Fitness?


Our fitness instructors are available wherever you are. No Gym Membership Required. Whether you need one-on-one personal training, or you and a few friends want to get fit together, we can help.

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See the simple steps to have a healthier life on your terms.

We Fit Your Schedule

3 Step Fitness offers on-demand personal training. Book a session when it is most convenient to you.

No Need for a Gym Membership!

3 Step Fitness specializes in on-site group fitness. All we need is a dedicated space so we can help you get in shape.

A Customized Approach

We will custom tailor your workout to whatever space you have available – indoors, outdoors, wherever.




Our Services Include...

lifestyle coaching

Group Fitness


Personal Training

meal preparation

Nutrition Counselling

Massage Therapy

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